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uBitx S-Meter Mod

Ham Radio Mods uBitx
uBitx v6 modifications, Part II: Since the AGC board has a S-Meter tap, the next mod was obvious :) The S-Meter of a dead Yaesu FT-290R was a perfect fit for the uBitx case and I think it looks nice.

uBitx AGC Mod

Ham Radio Mods uBitx
uBitx v6 modifications, Part I: The uBitx is a very nice radio but the missing AGC is an ear killer. I decided to purchase an AGC board from kit-projects and soldered it onto the radio main board. It’s tiny and I was afraid to damage something but it turned out fine.

Xiegu G1M Stand

Ham Radio Hardware Xiegu Mods
A $0 Xiegu G1M stand:

uBitx v6

Ham Radio uBitx
Yesterday I received and built my new uBitx v6 QRP transceiver. Connected to a LiPo battery and the 4-BTV vertical it gave me a few QSOs with Bosnia, Denmark, Poland and Austria. Very impressed so far! The first mod will be the addition of an AGC.

HF Signals Bitx40

Ham Radio Bitx40
Finally fixed some issues with the BITX40 and had my first QSO with it today (YU1XA, report 55) - two years after I purchased the kit. There are still some issues but I am on the right track.


ATU-100 Antenna Hardware Ham Radio
Just finished my ATU-100 build. It’s fun to build, super affordable and works without problems so far.

qrz.sh - a CLI QRZ.com query tool

Software Bash CLI Ham Radio
About This script queries the QRZ.com callsign database and returns the result to the command line. A XML subscription plan with QRZ.com is required for full functionality. You can download the script here: https://git.qrz.is/clemens/qrz.sh Installation Copy the file .qrz.conf into your home directory Copy the file qrz.sh into a directory that is in you PATH variable Set the correct file permissions: chmod u+x qrz.sh Dependencies curl Configuration Edit the file ~/. Read more...

Remote Antenna Switch

Ham Radio Antenna Raspberry Pi
New project: raspberry pi controlled remote antenna switch. One remote rpi for triggering the 4 relais inside the antenna switch and one rpi connected to the TRX in the shack measuring the ATU port’s voltage to fully automatically choose the correct antenna for each band. Update: The antenna switch itself is assembled and working. Next step: interfacing the pi and coding a simple web service which will be used to select an antenna via network. Read more...

Shortened 30m Dipole

Ham Radio Antenna
Why and what This aricle describes the construction of a 9,50 m long dipole for the 30 m band (10.1 MHz to 10.15 MHz). It was designed to be mounted ca. 6m above ground inside an attic. The calculations were performed by OE1MEW with the help of this antenna calculator. To reduce the length of the ~15 m long dipole, a coil will be integrated into each side of the dipole. Read more...

Xiegu G90 Mods

Ham Radio Hardware Xiegu Mods
Mods The following is a compilation of some recommended mods for the Xiegu G90. None of these mods are my idea, I learned about them from the Xiegu G90 group.io group (see below). Power Cable The original power cable is too thin and should be replaced with silicone 14AWG cables plus some ferrite beads. Don’t forget to integrate a 5Ah fuse into the cable. Mine looks like this now: Microphone Mod When using the original G90 microphone, your voice might be too bassy. Read more...
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