My name is Michael and I live in south west germany (JN49OF). You can learn more about me here. As a new ham radio operator (license since 07/2019) my station is still under construction. I was mostly active in digi modes until I started to discover SSB this November. My primary goal is to master CW but I am still in the beginning of the learning process.


Amateur radio profiles on the net


The following is a list of my personal milestones/achievements that made me as a ham very happy:

  • 2019/07/12: Received my “Klasse E” license
  • 2019/07/19: First HF contact ever (FT8, 10m, CS7ANU)
  • 2019/08/03: First south american contact (FT8, 15m, PY7ZZ)
  • 2019/08/07: First african contact (FT8, 15m, 7X2TT)
  • 2019/09/05: Received my “Klasse A” license
  • 2019/09/11: First north american contact (FT8, 20m, KB1EFS)
  • 2019/10/16: First japanese contact (FT8, 20m, JR1JYR)
  • 2019/10/26: First australian contact (FT8, 40m, VK7AC)
  • 2019/11/10: First SSB contact (SSB, 40m, GB0PPY)
  • 2020/01/26: First CW contact (CW, 80m, HF100BY)


    • Retevis RT95
    • Retevis RT98
    • Retevis RT3S (DMR)
  • HF
    • Yeasu FT-450D, 100W
    • Alinco DX-70, 100W (spare transceiver)
    • QRP Laps QCX CW Transceiver, 5W
    • HF Signals BITX40, 10W (not in use)