Information Security

Threat Intelligence Portals/Feeds

Threat Intelligence Tools

  • IntelMQ - Solution for collecting and processing security feeds, pastebins, tweets using a message queue protocol
  • harpoon - CLI tool for open source and threat intelligence
  • Bearded-Avenger / CIF - CIF allows you to combine known malicious threat information from many sources and use that information for incident response, detection and mitigation.
  • MISP - Self-hosted threat information sharing platform
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Tools - Very extensive list of tools
  • urlQuery - Gives you a screenshot of a given site along with all HTTP transactions (request and response) and executed JS
  • OSINT Framework

Threat Detection

Data Scraping

  • pystemon - Monitoring tool for PasteBin-alike sites written in Python

Vulnerability Management


Tools - Packet String Data (PSTR)

  • URLsnarf
  • Httpry - HTTP logging and information retrieval tool
  • Justsniffer - a network protocol analyzer that captures network traffic

Incident Response



Malware Analysis

Hardening / Configuration Auditing

SIEM Solutions


Other Stuff

Leaked Password Databases

Password Lists





  • SSH Examples, Tips & Tunnels - Practical SSH examples to take your remote system admin game to the next level. Commands and tips to not only use SSH but master ways to move around the network.

Commodore C64

General Information

Bug hunting/fixing


  • - All the games you want
  • CSDb - List of Easyflash releases
  • Gamebase64 - “An attempt to document ALL Commodore 64 gameware before it’s too late!”
  • Gamebase64 Games - FTP archive of all Gamebase64 game files

DIY Projects

Shops / Publishers